Pastor’s Daily Devotional

God has high standards. He says that we are to be holy just as He is holy. Before you throw up your hands and admit to that being impossible let me say that this is not about salvation. As we will see the rest of this week, the answer to this question is a list of things that we have already failed at. This is about instruction that makes us into someone else. My dad had rules that were to be followed while living at home. They were not rules for the sake of having rules but for instructing us in safety and being good citizens. We cannot earn our way into being God’s children. But God can let us know how we are to act as His children. God turned His back on Jesus when He was on the cross, fellowship was broken. Sin is the only thing that removes us from His presence. It did it with Jesus, (He took our sin to the cross), and it will for us as well.

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