Pastor’s Daily Devotional

How to say “I Love You” without words:

  1. When your child is participating in an athletic event or musical performance, be there watching and cheering them on.
  2. Find a new way to trust your child by granting a new area of responsibility.
  3. Have a family picnic on a Sunday afternoon.
  4. Walk in the rain and jump puddles together.
  5. Listen to your child with all your attention (hide the cell phone).
  6. Sit down together and watch your child’s favorite TV show.
  7. Skip rocks together on a lake, pond or river.
  8. Say, “I’m proud of you”.
  9. After your teenage son or daughter comes in from a date, have popcorn together and talk over the evening.
  10. Tell your child about the things you appreciated most about your own parents.
  11. Have a family water-balloon fight (with you as the prime target).
  12. Take an evening walk together.

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