Pastor’s Daily Devotional

Walking Boots

Not long ago, I purchased a pair of walking boots and on the tag of the boots was the name–Got-tex. I knew that my husband had some boots with the label and that they were waterproof–so I decided to give them a try. That evening, I went for my daily walk wearing my new boots.

I cam across a puddle of water and avoided it because I didn’t want to get my new boots dirty. After avoiding several other puddles, I suddenly realized that this was pretty silly of me.

Turning around at the half-way point of my walk,I decided to try out just how waterproof these boots really were. The first puddle I came upon was little, so I stepped lightly into it. The water only came a tiny bit over the sole. The next puddle was a lot deeper, so I stepped into that one. The water came over the toe and rolled off the shoe as if it were the back of a duck. I couldn’t believe my eyes! The next puddle was ankle deep and I plunged right into it. Once again, the water rolled off my boots and didn’t even leave a water mark. I was delighted! All the way home, I stepped into every puddle I could find. I felt like a kid playing int he water and it was great.

As I reflect back on that evening’s walk, I think of how it parallels with our spiritual walk. Many times we “don’t want to get our feet wet”, so we hold back and miss out on the wonderful surprises the Lord has waiting for us. Until we completely plunge into the water, we fail to see His awesome protection. Jump in with both feet and be bold!

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