Pastor’s Daily Devotional

Take Time

To pray, God requires it!

To read the Bible, it’s God’s Word.

To go to church, we need the fellowship.

To make good friends, it makes life worth living.

To rest, our body requires it.

To smile, it brightens the lives of others.

To tell your family members you love them.

To enjoy nature, it’s God’s gift to you.

To be kind to your pets, it warms their hearts (and ours).

To feed the birds, it brings joy and beautiful song.

To blow the dust off your mind, read good books.

To visit the aged, someday we’ll be old.

To help the bereaved, we too shall be in their place one day.

To visit the sick, our day will come.

To enjoy your home, the Lord provided it for you.

To be kind to one another, it’s in God’s Word.

To encourage and help others, like you want to be treated.

Take time to do these things today!

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